If you are a marketing expert who is always looking for new ways to generate results, you must be wondering about the latest trends and new ways to find leads, get exposure and success in 2017.
We all know that marketing is an ever evolving segment of our business. With digital marketing also in the mix, it is natural to look for the new ways and latest trends generating results before allocating a marketing budget.
With the ever changing and unpredictable digital marketing industry, it is practically not possible for businesses to replicate the last year’s marketing strategy. This is exactly why you have to look for trending, new and effective marketing strategies before planning marketing budget for the next year. And guess what – you are at the right place as we have listed some of the most effective trends that can bring you quick results in 2017.

Better Quality Content

Digital marketing strategies revolve around mostly one goal – to bring more traffic. The best way to encourage more traffic to your business website is content, everyone agrees on this. So what is new? – Video content.

According to a survey conducted by Animoto, consumers who watch a video about the product or business are four times more than those who read about it. 

As the internet speeds are increasing all over the world, more and more video content is used to lure traffic. From widescreen videos on website homepages to well-made marketing videos for social media, businesses are investing a good amount of money in producing high-quality video content.

So this is where you have to spend your marketing budget, on good quality content with a higher proportion of video content. And you are not alone, almost 70% of the business claim that their budget on video content is increasing this year, according to a report published by DMA.

Video content is the latest trend, it brings results and can be used effectively on owned media (website, social media, blog), earned media (shares, mentions), and paid media (display ads, paid content promotion).

Better Tracking and Measurement: Software and Tools

Even business giants like Facebook confess that their data does not show the complete picture. This is one of the major issues for marketers for years as it is difficult to tie digital marketing expense to actual effects on the profits and business growth.

But in 2017, with new promising analytical tools in the market, businesses are more serious about measurement and analytics to effectively connect digital marketing campaigns with revenue generation, profits, customer satisfaction and retention.

For this, prepare to invest money on latest tools and software. You will always need new tools and latest software to keep one step ahead of the competition. These tools save time, increase efficiency, and offers good value for your money – exactly the right investment you need in 2017.

In future, we will see more robust data-driven marketing strategies with new tools connecting social media, email, paid advertisement, etc.

Another latest trend is automation and personalization. Be ready to invest in tools and software that offer more personalized experience to your customers.

Digital Advertising

According to experts and marketing data compiled by eMarketer, 2017 is the year when digital marketing expense will outpace TV adverting expense.

What does this mean? – Every business is spending more and more on digital ads as it is seen as one of the most effective means for marketing success. From Google AdWords to Facebook Ads, from PPC to Display Ads and retargeting, explore and use everything. Make sure a chunk of your marketing budget must be allocated for online ads.

2017 Expected Media Ad Spending in the US
For TV: 35.8% – 1% decrease from previous year. Expected to decrease to 32.9% by 2020.

For Digital Advertising: 38.4% – 2.7% increase from previous year. It will reach %44.9 by 2020.

For Print Advertising: 12.9% – It will further decrease to 11.1% by 2020.

The trend shows that media ad spending share for digital advertising will only grow in next few years while for other media, it will only decrease. What does it mean? – To pull more money out of the traditional marketing budget and add more for digital marketing. This is where everyone is heading towards.

Simply put, 2017 is about high-quality content with more money into video content, new tools and software, better analytics tracking, personalization, and increased budget for digital advertising while lower budgets for traditional marketing.

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