With over 40% of the world population now connected to the Internet compared to 0.042% in 1990, we understand how companies’ communication management has been challenged.

The traditional communication is gradually being replaced by a continuous back and forth flow, rooted in digital.

Digital marketing is a recent online form of marketing corresponding to a set of communication actions conducted over the internet through digital media. A digital media refers to any digital channel based on the use of Internet such as social media, to reach consumers in a personal, spontaneous and interactive way.

Digital marketing is part of a digital revolution that has led to the emergence of a new space for dialogue between companies and consumers where not only the consumer is receiving information that the company sends him but he is also a full-fledged player.

One of the best tools of digital marketing is digital advertising. It’s now possible to promote a product or a brand to consumers more effectively. It’s important to keep in mind that this new dialogue space is completely disrupting the companies’ communication and promotion strategies and challenging their use of the traditional media such as the radio, the television, the press… Companies do not have other choices than to adapt to this fast-paced environment shifting towards a digital era that can provide them with a lot of opportunities.

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