With so many different places to post ads, and every site having its own strengths and weaknesses, you should know the types of advertising in order to choose wisely. We, at FSCO love making people’s lives easier so we broke it all down and are giving you our top 4:

  1. Display advertising”. It corresponds to the use of web banners placed on a third party website to drive traffic and increase brand awareness. It can take the form of a video or a text and can be successful if used properly.

  2. Search advertising”. It refers to sponsored links appearing in the search engines and redirecting the user to the advertiser’s site. They target customers looking for something specific. Their effectiveness depends heavily on keyword research.

  3. Affiliate marketing”. The advertisers place links and banners on affiliate partner sites to generate an action such as a visit, a web form or a sale.

  4. Social advertising”. Do you see, for example, the ads that appear in the right-hand column on Facebook or in the News feed? Well, this is social advertising.

It is important to know that digital advertising on social networks can be a powerful promotional and communicational tool for businesses, provided that it is well defined and integrated into the global company marketing strategy.

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