Traditional advertising refers to advertising that doesn’t use the Internet like radio, newspapers, television, flyers…

Digital advertising refers to the ads you find on the internet, your mobile phones, your ipads…

Here below are the most important differences we found:


Transmission range of advertising messages: digital advertising is a two way street. You can reach your target market 24/7 and they can give you feedback 24/7.


Targeting: digital advertising can be more specific down to a niche market.


Cost: you can customize your cost based on your needs and budget.


One of the cool things of digital advertising is the notion of their performance. With these new tools, it is now possible to trigger a purchase action in a period of time that is shorter and shorter.

It’s a fact; today more and more companies devote a larger portion of their budget to digital advertising. They want to take advantage of this digital revolution by adapting their traditional strategies to new strategies based on Internet.


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