7 Reasons Your Business Must Use Snapchat as Marketing Tool

One of the fastest growing social media platforms on the internet, Snapchat is now used by more than 150 million active users. According to Bloomberg, SnapChat daily users (150 million) have surpassed Twitter daily users (140 million) in 2016. So here is the most important fact that no marketing expert can ignore – the rising […]

Where to Spend Your Newly Approved Marketing Budget in 2017?

If you are a marketing expert who is always looking for new ways to generate results, you must be wondering about the latest trends and new ways to find leads, get exposure and success in 2017. We all know that marketing is an ever evolving segment of our business. With digital marketing also in the […]

Why should your business consider Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is more than a buzzword. It is a strong tool to add to your marketing strategy. This is why: -Publish real-time information to a public that is not limited by geographic or time constraints and at lower cost than traditional advertising, -Promote attractive content, -Optimize your visibility, -Build a strong brand image, -Tell a market […]