Strategic Communication and Marketing, what we can really learn from a girl in love…an opinion piece by Luis Diaz

The Twitter’sphere is going CRAZY with Lizzy Fenton, a Genetics, Cell Biology and Development major from UMN (@lizzyfenton on twitter).

She took the bold steps of creating a PowerPoint presentation to not only convince, but to rationally demonstrate to her crush that she is worth taking a shot at.

In an era where it is so hard to #standout on social media, this young girl has not only stood out, but garnered the attention and support of thousands of people worldwide, including Microsoft and several other big companies.

But going beyond the fact that this young girl has put herself out there in a way that is not very common, people, companies and marketers can learn a thing or two from this bold play.

Slide 1 from the Lizzy Fenton Presentation

1) Presentation Delivery:  This is an amazing approach.  Young Lizzy has gone beyond the traditional PowerPoint approach by delivering her presentation through Twitter.  This delivery has not only made sure that her intended audience (her crush Mr Carter) receive the message, but has created a wave of support that could enjoy “peer pressure” type benefits.  Wouldn’t companies LOVE to have potential customers flock to them because of peer pressure?  If you think this is NOT a thing, I refer you to the Sneaker/Shoe industry, Apple and Starbucks examples.


Microsoft's response to the Lizzy Fenton proposal

2) Simplicity is King:  There is no confusing her Ms. Fentons message.  She is quite the catch.  And that is the purpose of her presentation; “I am quite the catch”.  Keeping it within the standards of “K.I.S.S.”, she really kept it simple, and yet impactful, with instances of touching emotional points, the key of experiential marketing


Lizzy Fenton Proposal - Slide 2


3) Make an impact through emotional trigger points:   OK, so I do not recommend you go to your next potential customer and talk about the growth potential of your boobs like @lizzyfenton did in her pitch.  However, for the purposes of her objective, this was a key advantage to her pitch that would make her stand out, and as we know, boob size can be quite the trigger.    So find an emotional trigger point that will impact your target audience, it will make the difference.


The Lizzy Fenton Presentation - Slide 3

I felt compelled to write about this great pitch because living in a world and an industry where we see lots of presentations, this one has definitely taken the cake, the whole pie and the bakery!

Enjoy some of the out takes of the presentation below, including some of the more memorable responses she got out of her pitch.   Enjoy!!! and Good Luck Lizzy…we rooting for you!!


The Lizzy Fenton Proposal - Slide 4

Lizzy Fenton Crush: Twitter Reply

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