The major differences between traditional advertising and digital advertising

Traditional advertising refers to advertising that doesn’t use the Internet like radio, newspapers, television, flyers… Digital advertising refers to the ads you find on the internet, your mobile phones, your ipads… Here below are the most important differences we found:   –Transmission range of advertising messages: digital advertising is a two way street. You can […]

Why should your business consider Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is more than a buzzword. It is a strong tool to add to your marketing strategy. This is why: -Publish real-time information to a public that is not limited by geographic or time constraints and at lower cost than traditional advertising, -Promote attractive content, -Optimize your visibility, -Build a strong brand image, -Tell a market […]

3 reasons why Digital Advertising works for brands

1) Digital advertising is crucial to reaching an audience In 2013, time spent with Digital media by US adults exceeded time spent with TV and in 2014, it was estimated that US adults spent 5 hours, 46 minutes with Digital media daily against 4 hours, 28 minutes per day spent in front of their TV. […]

The top 4 types of Digital Advertising

With so many different places to post ads, and every site having its own strengths and weaknesses, you should know the types of advertising in order to choose wisely. We, at FSCO love making people’s lives easier so we broke it all down and are giving you our top 4: “Display advertising”. It corresponds to […]

What is Digital Marketing and what are its main issues?

With over 40% of the world population now connected to the Internet compared to 0.042% in 1990, we understand how companies’ communication management has been challenged. The traditional communication is gradually being replaced by a continuous back and forth flow, rooted in digital. Digital marketing is a recent online form of marketing corresponding to a set […]